Azul - Video Player for iPhone App Reviews

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something wrong

last few months i can’t download video from azul app what’s a problem?

No longer functional with Apple

I use to love this app. Gave it 5 stars. Over a month now it has been crashing. I am no longer able to download music on the app from my Iphone 6s. The option to download comes up but once selected, the app sticks and nothing downloads.

Skys the limit!

Awesome app!!


I phone x cant download after update

Don’t dowload

This app is worse now, it was working fine all suddenly don’t work and no support. We pay for this app not free version. Still no support email them many times. No response

Not too happy anymore!

I don’t know if the developer is too busy these days or they just can’t keep up with Apple’s upgrades but the app is getting very trashy. It crashes all the time. You can say good bye to multiple downloads as It assigns the wrong title to the videos and no matter how many times you uninstall and install the app, it still behaves the same way. Im willing to pay more money for a new version! Just fix it or create another like it but better! Thanks!!!

Joe Casiano

Azul is the best app ever

Download It (I mean it)

This. Is. The. Best. App. I have looked at dozens of others media downloaders and this is BY FAR the best one. Especially without all the horrible ads. It still can’t handle too much traffic (Kathleen pretty please fix this) but the ability to force download stuff and store it is the most powerful one I have see

Does not work

Used to work fine, now it just crashes. Will not download anything from my IPhone 8 Plus.

Crash and multiple copies

App used to work great. But now even with the update a few days ago the app still won’t download any videos. It acts like it will but the screen goes black and won’t download. And it still crashes. Please fix.

Long time customer

Ok, thanks for being back my favorite feature!!!💭 now just updated it 1 more time to make it work as it should:) once it works again you’ll have the best app on the App Store,, again.

Special feature got removed..want it back..

In the 6.4 version, a particular special unique feature got removed. Really wish it can be put back...or somehow revert this back to the previous version. Update (6-24-18) (v6.5) - after some thorough testing...while the feature was on again, it crashes the app when it starts, thus unable to get it working. Not good. Update (6-24-18) : the 6.5 version added that fix back. I’m updating this to 5 stars now. Incredible fast work devs!!!


You brought back the option of downloading. But now it doesn’t download when you pick the option

Love it

Could you please update this app so your downloaded videos don’t play in the background?

You guys going to update for iOS 11.3?!!

You guys planning on updating for ios11.3? I’m not going to pay for this app again if you plan on charging to update.


Doesn’t even open the movies up. Look for something better and don’t waste your time. Developer doesn’t even update the software for Apples newest software. When contacting them they said it was an Apple issue!

Best app ever

Please add import video and photos from camera roll and from other apps

Iphone X problems

Please improve video sizing for Iphone X

This App works on my iPhone X

I’ve been using this app from way back on the days iPhone 4S just came out. I’m a fan and will definitely update when the version with face id available!

Must have app

This is one of my top 10 fav app. Very useful app!!

It's fixed



Works now say I was wondering no hurry Use fingerprint protection next update?

Works Finally

I experienced the same issue of the app crashing at the start, but I closed the app (flick up) and shut off and restarted the phone and it works perfectly now.

Won’t even launch!

Um, ok, I tried opening the app on my iPhone 7+ with the 11.0.3 software and it won’t even launch! It will act like it is launching, but it flashes out to the main screen of the phone. Please fix! The other version behind it was working fine! Update and remove the bugs!

You broke it!

Ive been using azul daily for years on my iPhone 4 thru 6 phones. After today's "update" the app won't open!! Please fix it!! I'm very upset with you breaking it!

What more can you need?

It lets you play content without having to sync it through iTunes. Trying to download from the web client off the phone didn't work but ftp does! Moving files to azul has never been a problem.


Went from being an Excellent video player to crashing completely on startup.

The update

Ive been using Azul for a very long time and it was veey useful, but After the new update, it takes me back to the home page when trying to tap on the app. I tried multiple times tapping on the app, but then it ends up taking me back to the home page. Not only its happening to mines but to my sister’s as well when she downloaded the app. Please fix it.

Love Azul

Best video player for the iOS, period.

Very reliable app

Works exactly as described. Very stable.

Love it!

Great app. Just what I was looking for.


I use it all the time

Great Program

Since I have been using this program it has surpassed my expectations of what I wanted it to do. I have tried different video players and this one is the best by far.


The app and dev are set the standard.

Not bad

After the disaster that media burner became, azul is a more then adequate replacement; however, it may crash every once in a while, but hey that's alright because this actually works!

Best video player

Have tried many players, but this is the best I have found. I really like the ease of adjusting frame size and speed. Good for review of my golf training videos.

Excellent Video

Easy to use. Works great.

Great app.

I use this app on all my devices! I've never had any issues with viewing video files in various formats. Good stuff!


Okay las

Does what safari cant

Just perfect.


Awesome app

Good App

Downloads various files in an efficient manner.

Good media app

Apple, nor the App Store give a whole lot when it comes to viewing your own media or downloading content. This app is a nice work around if you just want to watch videos without having to worry about converting formats.

Does what it says

And does it well.

Amazing app for popup blocker

Good 👍🏽


So far so good


Does everything

Works great!

Love this app. Has so many possibilities to watch offline. Even works when I've switched screens! I have it on all my devices and I tell everyone to get it as soon as they get a smart phone

The video solution

This app really restores the video functionality that was missing from iOS. It is versatile and robust and I would recommend it as a must have app for all iOS users. Awesome.

Great movie watching app

Works great. Love this app👍